Whether you are a health care worker, working in education or a residential environment, having all the information about the person you support is crucial to the role you undertake.


Professional with book and boy in wheelchair

As a member of the health care profession – doctor, nurse, therapist, dentist – getting to know the person you are caring for is important. Kuradocs enables you to see the whole person, supporting you in decision making, care planning and drawing up treatment plans.


Each child and young person is unique and those with additional needs can present new challenges. Kuradocs will help you work with the parents and the child if you work in an educational setting e.g. nursery, school, university, or as, for example, a play therapist. Educational support plans are able to be documented and shared with all involved.


A little girl is playing with toy blocks while sitting in her wheelchair - her caregiver is helping her build a tower.It is important for an individual with special needs to be included and integrated into community life. Whether that is going to the hairdressers, meeting friends or participating in a local activity. Kuradocs enables information to be shared between all stakeholders ensuring continuity of care and inclusion in activities.


Carers employed to support individuals, be they personal assistants, or those in a respite or care home environment, will benefit from the holistic information available. Kuradocs helps you to ensure continuity of care and gives you the ability to add feedback and comments.