This account is recommended if you wish to:

  • Enter, manage and share your information
  • Enter, manage and share information about someone you care for (a Managed Account – see below)

The table below shows the full benefits of a Premium Account


  • A payment method is required when setting up a Premium Account.
  • Your first 14 days are FREE after which a payment of £10 per calendar month will be taken on a monthly basis.
  • You can cancel your subscription and account at any time


A Premium Account includes one additional Premium Account should you require this benefit.  This could be either an account managed by the account owner or an account that is managed by you (managed account).  For example, if you are caring for a child or someone who is not in a position to actively manage the account themselves.

As a Premium Account holder, you may choose to pay for additional accounts for others to benefit from the features of a Kuradocs Premium Account.

  • Each additional account you add will be charged at £10 per calendar month.



This account is suitable if you

  • Need to view information that others have chosen to share with you (e.g. if you are a health professional, carer, physiotherapist, teacher or other family member).

For more information on what is included in this account, please see the table below.  If you want to benefit from the Premium Account yourself simply change your subscription. You can do this at any time.

Premium Account

Add and update your Account Information

View and add comments to a shared users information

Ability to include one other Premium Account 

Add additional Premium Accounts

Invite unlimited users to share information

Access to all Kuradocs reports including the Disability Living Allowance

Full use of all Kuradocs Trackers

Link to Twitter and Facebook

Link to Google Calendar and Contacts

Keep an online Journal

Add to your favourite Bookmarks

Free Account

View a shared users information when invited

Add comments to a shared users information

Update your Account Information

Upgrade your account to a Premium Account

Manage a Premium Account if invited