Our aim is to be transparent and clear from the very beginning of your Kuradocs experience.

We currently offer two accounts – a Free Account and a Premium Account.

All new subscribers will receive access to the Premium Account (see table) Free for 30 days or as defined by any Promotional offers.

At the end of the Free Trial/Promotional Period all subscribers will have the choice of continuing with a Premium Account or a Free Account (see table).

Additional Users

You may choose to add additional users to your subscription.


The cost of a Premium Account is £10 per calendar month per user or as defined in a Promotional Offer.


Account holders may choose to upgrade to a Premium or downgrade to a Free account at any time.

Premium Account

Add and update your account information

View other Kuradocs user's information when invited

Ability to include one other linked account

Add multiple accounts to your account

Share with unlimited Kuradocs users

Access to Kuradocs Advanced Reports

Use of all Kuradocs Trackers 

Link to Twitter and Facebook

Link to Google calendar and contacts

Keep an online Journal

Add your favourite Bookmarks

Access resources

Free Account

View other Kuradocs user's information when invited

Set up and manage an account for another person

Add a comment to a viewed user's information

Update your account information

Upgrade your account to Premium