Kuradocs is founded by Nicola Murgatroyd who recognised the need to have a system that could contain all the information in one central place relating to the care of a child or loved one. From the frustrations of repeating information to different healthcare professionals, to monitoring medication, and keeping appointment dates clear, Kuradocs has been created to help manage all the information related to caring for a loved one, with a disability or long term condition, in one online, easily accessible, and secure place.

Nicola Murgatroyd, Creator:

“My personal experiences gave me a first-hand insight into the problems and challenges faced by parents in caring roles. I realised that gaps in knowledge between parents, carers, education and medical professionals became huge issues, and wished there was something I could use to hold everything we as a family knew, all in one place. Nothing can ever really prepare you for parenthood, and caring for a child with additional needs carries extra challenges. But there are ways to make life easier for everyone whatever their circumstances, and that’s what we have created with Kuradocs, a tool which helps to manage all aspects of modern day living.”

Matthew Haigh, IT Director

Matthew has run an IT company since 1997 and has guided many companies in IT transitions over the years. His wealth of knowledge in network support, cloud storage, disaster recovery and internet services has ensured that he has been able to supply a full range of solutions to blue-chip companies in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, recruitment, property and legal. In working with Kuradocs, Matthew can see the value of the ‘About Me’ solution that the system can offer people that ensures the individual’s care circle is provided with accessible and shareable information 24/7 on any device.

Clare Brooke-Little, Head of Research:

“I have been involved in health care all my life; be that directly as a nurse, or indirectly as a life sciences graduate, managing clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry, as a volunteer healthcare worker in Nepal and as a CQC inspector. For me Kuradocs is the natural and logical solution to many of the problem areas that I personally have experienced related to fractured channels of communication between professionals, delays in sharing of information, patients feeling out of the loop and disengaged, treatments being prescribed in a vacuum, without access to a holistic view of an individual. I can’t wait to see people reaping the benefits of having Kuradocs as a part of their life.”

Jane Haigh, Project Manager

Jane has worked as a Project Manager in a number of high profile companies over the years and finds being involved in something that she can directly relate to very exciting. She is a busy working Mum and has everyday experience of trying to manage different diaries – home, work, and school – as well as appointments for doctors, dentists, and remembering to order repeat prescriptions. Working on Kuradocs has enabled her to share this experience with the team and to help include elements that every busy Mum will find useful.