Helping you

“I’m Joe, and have a circle of carers who need access to my care and health information. I can update my own Kuradocs account and can choose to share this information with my care circle.”

Young man in wheelchairKuradocs is a secure, online portal to hold, share and manage care and health information.

Kuradocs enables you to prepare for health and education appointments, meetings and assessments. With Kuradocs’ goals, trackers and journal, you can monitor your progress and share achievements. Crucially you can compile a complete ‘life guide’ of how you like to be looked after.

Helping you care for others

“I’m Janice, I have a care circle who help me 24/7, however I’m unable to update my Kuradocs account. My main carer manages my Kuradocs account for me and shares the information within my care circle.”

Older lady with carer having a cup of teaKuradocs enables you to have your own account and appoint a trusted ‘manager’ who takes on responsibility for entering and managing information on your behalf. They can share your information with others who support you such as your health workers or community groups.

The benefits

  • Always being prepared with up-to-date information for important assessments and meetings
  • Consistent, timely, accurate information
  • Helping others to understand your needs better
  • Running tailored reports

Accessibility: access for you and your carer

  • All your care, health and well-being information in one place
  • Secure access 24/7
  • Accessible from any device i.e. laptop, tablet, mobile phone

Empowerment: you control and own your information

  • You can set your own goals and monitor progress
  • Easy access to your information before and during meetings and appointments
  • Access to additional resources for making more informed decisions

Sharing: helping you to reduce repetition

  • Consistency of information being shared ensures better quality of care
  • Share what you want, when you want, and with whom you want
  • Different share options available: share directly with others online or send them a pdf report