Supporting your family

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“I’m Sarah, I have two children, one of whom needs additional support and has a wide circle of carers. Kuradocs enables me to update and share all my child’s important information to those in their care circle.”

Caring for a family member, young or old, or someone you just want to help can be rewarding, but exhausting. By capturing information on how someone likes to be cared for ensures the best care. Having information at your fingertips for appointments and assessments, and arduous form filling, saves time and energy.

Whatever the circumstances within your family, using Kuradocs can carve through the information jungle by helping you maintain an up to date record of crucial information.

No more feeling you are unprepared for assessments and meetings, Older mother and grown up daughter smilingkeep in control of diagnosis and treatments by recording progress, monitoring important items to you e.g medications, appointments, or even behaviour. For those with a care circle, continuity is provided through up to date ‘all about me’ information being accessible and shareable.

The benefits of using Kuradocs:

Empowerment: You are in control

  • You can create, save and share plans for health, education and well-being
  • Everything you need to prepare for attending appointments and assessments
  • Improve understanding by monitoring important items using special trackers

Efficiency: No more searching for information and bits of paper

  • Everything in one central secure online location
  • Information entered once means you can re-use it and reduce repetition
  • Manage and share calendar appointments with others
  • Set reminders about key events and medication etc.

Communication: Keeping everyone informed

  • Sharing from a single source ensures continuity of care
  • Give people a holistic view of your child; supporting care, diagnosis, treatments and interventions
  • Share directly with healthcare and education professionals, family members, friends and carers
  • Generate reports to support your form filling e.g. the DLA or school information